7 Advantages That Preschool Provides

If you are the parent of a three or four-year-old, thoughts of preschool have probably already started to crowd your mind. Your little one is still quite young, but a preschool education can be beneficial. Here are some advantages that preschool can provide: Structured Setting If your child has never attended school, adhering to a structure in kindergarten may be challenging. Preschool allows your child to learn in a structured environment with professional teachers and other children.

How To Incorporate More Physical Activity Into Your Child's Lifestyle

As a rule of thumb, you always lead by example when it comes to teaching your child how to be a productive person in society. While trying to instill core values is essential in your child becoming a successful adult, make sure you also teach him how to take care of himself through health and wellness. It's important for every child to be physically active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ways that you can try to incorporate or increase the amount of physical activity your child gets on a daily basis.

3 Tips To Consider When Seeking Out Child Care

Choosing child care for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life. After all, your child is going to be spending a majority of their time in the care of another person while you are away at work, which is why you have to be sure that your child care provider is essentially helping you raise your child in the way that you believe is right.

Plant Sunflower Seeds And Make Tissue Paper Sunflower Holders With Your Class

Some of the best private schools incorporate hands-on activities in their curriculum. Plant sunflower seeds with your elementary school class and place them in decorative holders that the children make. Each child will enjoy watching their flowers grow and will learn that water and sunlight are essential for their growth as they care for them each day. Use The Following Materials sunflower seeds small pots potting soil tissue paper scissors sunflower stencil wiggly eyes glue markers  crayons paint paintbrushes milk cartons white paper craft sticks plastic spoons Cover The Cartons With Paper

Learn What To Look For When Searching For A Child Care Provider For Your Autistic Child

If you have recently started working outside of your house and need to find child care for your autistic child, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the options that are available to you. An autistic child has different needs than a child that does not suffer from autism. When looking for a child care provider like Michelle's Academy, it is important to know what things are of the utmost importance.

Providing Child Care Services In Your Home: Special Challenges You Will Face

Opening your home to total strangers takes a very special kind of person. When those strangers are children and their parents, and you are their daycare teacher, you have even more to be concerned about. Besides being the primary caregiver for up to eight children, including your own, you have to jump through several legal and educational hoops just to open your home as a daycare. Here are examples of those challenges, and what you need to do to meet daycare licensing codes.