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Get Your Kids To Commit To A Regular Hygiene Routine With These Tips

Kids are notorious for not cleaning up after themselves, and maybe your kid isn't even doing a very good job of keeping their own body clean. If your kid has still not gotten a hygiene routine down, maybe it's time to step it up and help them create a daily routine that will serve them well for the rest of their life. Here are some tips to help teach your kid better daily hygiene.

Set a Specific Schedule for Certain Cleaning Activities

Does your kid not brush their teeth as often as you would like? Set an alarm or two on your phone, and whenever it goes off, it's time to start brushing. You can do the same with other forms of hygiene, like encouraging a bath or shower more often. When the bedtime alarm goes off, it's not time to hit the hay, it's time to get clean in the bathroom first before the pajamas go on. You may have been able to force your child to brush or wash when they were very young, but a slightly older child might not want their parents in the bathroom with them anymore. That's fine, but make sure they are heading to the bathroom every time the alarm goes off, and hopefully, they'll soon start doing it on their own.

Show Them You Are Staying Clean As Well

If your child is young enough that they don't mind you helping out with their bathroom duties, make a show of brushing your own teeth or combing your own hair or whatever else you want them to do more of while you are in the bathroom with them. You can make it "family brushing time" instead of just something they alone are expected to do.

Get Your Child the Right Tools or Education for the Job

If your child isn't responding well to your new push to keep them clean, maybe they need a boost from some other direction. Get them a new toothbrush or new cleaning supplies. Let your child pick out a new rubber duck for the bathtub if they are young enough, or get them a fancy motorized toothbrush to make brushing more fun.

You could also consider picking up some reading materials. There are plenty of books and other materials out there that will offer advice on staying clean. A kids' hygiene book may let your kid get some good lessons without you having to force those lessons on the child directly. For more information about children's books to help your child want to keep clean, reach out to a local distributor, like SBA Books.