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Are You Planning To Do Remote Learning With Your Teenager This Year? 3 Features To Look For In An Online High School Program

Many families are choosing to continue remote learning to stay safe during the pandemic. While this option minimizes your family's exposure to germs, it also provides benefits that go far beyond just keeping everyone healthy. Online learning offers greater flexility for students that helps families to plan for other activities or meet special needs. As a parent, you'll also have the ability to take a closer look at what your teen is doing in school. Now that you've made this important decision, you can look for these features that define quality online high school programs.

Make Sure It Meets Educational Standards

When it is done right, an online learning program is just as rigorous as any that you can find on a brick-and-mortar campus. In fact, your teen will have more time to focus on learning when they are not spending time walking from class to class or waiting for the teacher to manage other students' behavior problems. You can start your remote learning journey by looking for signs that a program is designed to meet the standards that prepare your teenager for college. For instance, the program should be accredited. This means that it has demonstrated that it is aligned to the educational standards set forth by a regional or national committee. You should also see all of the courses available that your teen's current school requires for graduation. 

Ask About the Options for Electives

The basic courses of math, science and language arts are all fundamentals that you should expect to see in any high school program. Once you've checked those out, you'll want to dive even deeper into the online high school curriculum to look for electives. Foreign language electives are great for helping your teen prepare for college. Music, art and STEM courses are also excellent for helping your teen stand out on college applications while giving them classes that keep them engaged.

Make Sure There Is a Support System

The ideal goal is for teenagers to eventually be able to manage the majority of their coursework on their own. However, there tends to be a bit of a learning curve as your teenager works their way toward more independent learning. In the beginning, you and your teenager may have questions, and you need to know that there are people who can answer them during the school day. An online high school program may offer opportunities to connect with other students and parents along with academic counselors. All of these options help you to build an effective learning program for your teen.