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Tips for Easier Weekday Mornings for Working Parents

Mornings can be hectic enough for parents who have children in school, but working parents who have to start their workday before their child even has the first lesson of the day can have especially difficult mornings. Tired, moody kids and rushed parents make a terrible combination, but there are some simple things you can do to make mornings easier for both you and your children. 

Let your kids sleep in their school clothes

This doesn't mean you send them to school looking like wrinkled street urchins, but you can let them wear things like sweats or leggings to bed, then add an appropriate top or dress over the bottoms. This won't really work if your child has to wear a school uniform, but for most younger kids, this can be a great time-saver in the mornings.

For older kids (and parents), pick out clothes the night before. This helps take the stress out of choosing when you're in a hurry and can eliminate arguments when your child decides they want to wear their favorite outfit at the spur of the moment or even for the third day in a row.

Make a plan for breakfast

Time wasted staring at the refrigerator wondering what you'll feed your children is time that you could be relaxing in your car on the way to work, so make a plan for feeding your children before the morning rush arrives. Prepare foods that can be eaten on the go, like toast and fruit, or consider dropping the kids at school a little earlier than usual so they can eat breakfast in the school's cafeteria. Some before-school child care centers also take care of breakfast for you, so you can have one less item on your morning to-do list. Contact a representative from an establishment like Lily Pond Child Development Centers to learn more.

Set a designated spot for bags, shoes, and folders

Don't waste time searching for the things your children need for school; keep everything in one designated spot and check it each night to make sure that everything is in place. Shoes and book bags should be kept together, and if your child regularly has folders of papers for you to sign, put them in the same area, too. Get in the habit of checking the folders and bags each night before you go to bed so you'll have less stress the next morning.

End on a positive note

Even when it's difficult, try to send your kids off to school in a positive mood. Being late or forgetting something isn't the end of the world, and if you show your kids how to tackle hectic mornings with a smile, they'll be more likely to have a great day, too.