Understanding How Preschool Benefits Kids For Life

7 Advantages That Preschool Provides

If you are the parent of a three or four-year-old, thoughts of preschool have probably already started to crowd your mind. Your little one is still quite young, but a preschool education can be beneficial. Here are some advantages that preschool can provide:

Structured Setting

If your child has never attended school, adhering to a structure in kindergarten may be challenging. Preschool allows your child to learn in a structured environment with professional teachers and other children. He or she can start to practice skills that will be invaluable as they attend higher grades, such as listening and sharing.

Academic Foundation

When your child enters kindergarten, he or she may be expected to already have certain skills, such as writing his or her name, counting to twenty or knowing the alphabet. Preschool helps children develop math and literacy skills in a fun, playful environment. 


Your youngster may feel a bit insecure when they are left in the care of others. However, preschool encourages your child's independence without subjecting him or her to undue stress. Many preschools allow you stay with your child until the child is comfortable being left alone. In addition, as your child learns to trust the preschool teachers, he or she will feel more at ease in an educational setting.

Social Development

The interactions between your child and other preschoolers can help him or her learn conflict resolution and self-control. In addition, children in preschool learn how to forge friendships and be sensitive to the needs of others. At the same time, aggression and insensitivity are discouraged without making your child feel ashamed. 

Motor Skills

Children who do not regularly color or write can have a difficult time in kindergarten. Motor skills develop with practice, and the correct way to hold a pencil or color within lines can seem foreign to a youngster. Preschool allows your child to use their motor skills daily, as they write, color or cut with safety scissors.

Decision-making Skills

In preschool, children are allowed to make choices. For example, they may be able to select a certain workstation at which to play. If your child has trouble making selections, a teacher is on hand to help guide him or her without making the decision for the child.

Communication Skills

Preschool helps your child's vocabulary and communication skills develop properly. Discussions about songs, books and colors are promoted. Teachers ask questions and your child formulates verbal responses. With practice, your child's sentences become lengthier and more complex.

Deciding to allow your child to attend preschool can be difficult. However, the classroom environment can help your child develop the skills that he or she will need for further learning. Contact a preschool in your area today to find out more about how your child could benefit. One company that might be able to meet your needs is Small World Early Learning & Development Center.